Our Founders

Suzy Koontz, Joseph H. Piskorowski, and Ken Harris are the three founding members of the board of directors of the National Math Foundation.

Suzy Koontz, founder of Math & Movement™, shows continued dedication to the core beliefs of the National Math Foundation. Her passion to extend an enjoyment of math to students nationwide has led to the development of the Math & Movement™ program and the establishment of the NMF. With a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Wheaton College, a Master’s in Statistics, and a career as an Actuary Associate, Koontz is a highly-qualified instructor. Ms. Koontz’s optimistic outlook, partnered with her ability to push the envelope, ensures the longevity and continued advancement of the National Math Foundation.

Ken Harris is a Practice Administrator at the Guthrie Clinic in Ithaca, NY. He has over 30 years of motivational leadership experience using creative techniques to solve problems. Previous positions include: Systems Manager at Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield in Middleton, NY, Senior Claim Consultant at Prudential Healthcare in Cranbury, NJ, and Customer Service Associate Manager/Claim Consultant at Prudential Healthcare in Millville, NJ. Mr. Harris’s experience as a business leader has provided him a unique opportunity to give back to the community through the National Math Foundation’s concurrent goals of improving levels of math competency along with health and fitness of America’s youth. His is committed to the National Math Foundation goals and believes that movement based learning along with support and training for teachers and in-service professionals will prepare future leaders with the math competencies and flexible thinking strategies needed to navigate our ever changing world.

Joe Piskoroski is a practicing dentist at his private practice in Ithaca, NY. Graduating from Cornell in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science, He went on to attend Marquette University School of Dentistry. After completing his degree, Dr. Piskoroski served in the Air Force until 1996 when he opened up his own private practice for civilians. Dr. Piskoroski believes that the National Math Foundation is uniquely positioned to provide inspirational leadership in the field of math education. He is devoted to the National Math Foundation’s concurrent goals of enhanced learning, health, and fitness.