Workshops and Professional Development

event The National Math Foundation supports training and workshops for school districts to learn the health benefits of increased physical activity and how incorporating movement exercises during the day increases students’ number sense, critical thinking, fluency, engagement, critical thinking, physical fitness, and ability to focus and learn. Parents and community members are invited to attend. We evaluate the workshop with pre- and post-workshop surveys of participants.

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Kinesthetic Strategies to Boost Student Achievement and Wellness

Considering that COVID-19 is regaining traction as schools reopen, it is imperative that we prioritize students and their families who are most threatened by the pandemic and who are already struggling to learn math with outdated and inefficient learning modalities.

By adding playful fun to learning, the National Math Foundation’s approach is breaking the mold of traditional teaching techniques – a mold that needs to change now more than ever. Students of color, students of diverse economic backgrounds, students with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and students with learning disabilities all need – and all deserve – just as much support in their learning as their peers. All students, regardless of their socio-economic background, not only deserve to experience success, but can experience success in mathematics and reading.

These webinars will cover movement-based programming that will reach these students and ensure that their confidence in their math and reading abilities will flourish.

In this one hour webinar, we will discuss
– The background of the National Math Foundation (NMF)
– Current NMF projects (ex. Mighty Multiplication, package grants)
– The concerns of students learning at home and how the NMF can help

Target audience: Members of foundations and corporations with missions to help with childhood obesity, underprivileged youth, and other education-based purposes. Teachers and school administrators are also welcome to attend.

Presenter Bio:

Suzy Koontz, Founder and CEO of Learn Thru Movement, is an actuary, an educational consultant, a math teacher, and the creator of Math & Movement, Movement & Literacy, and over 150 kinesthetic teaching tools. As the author of over 15 books, Suzy’s passion is helping students recognize their ability to learn and helping them lead healthier lives while achieving academic success. Suzy’s mission is for ALL students to be on grade level in math and reading.