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According to ProLiteracy, 36 million adults in the United States cannot read, write, or do math above a third-grade level. The National Math Foundation is working to change that by raising a generation that is competent and confident in their math and reading abilities. 

Research shows that incorporating kinesthetic movement into classroom activities both increases on-task behavior and bolsters students’ retention of new concepts. Kinesthetic learning also taps into a child’s natural inclination to play, which allows them to learn quickly, efficiently, and without fear. 

All children have the potential to be successful in reading and math, but America’s antiquated approach to math and literacy education is ineffective. For that reason, we support innovative, kinesthetic approaches to K-12 education. 

We believe it is the combination of movement and learning that sparks students’ love of math and reading. 

Virtual Professional Development Opportunities

In partnership with like-minded educational organizations, the National Math Foundation has hosted a number of virtual webinars and professional development sessions for educators, administrators, parents, and community leaders. 

Our webinars allow educators to learn research-based teaching techniques that ensure math readiness.

How We Are Making A Difference

The National Math Foundation serves families, children, teachers, and schools directly through events, sponsorships, grants, and professional training. Over the past seven years, the National Math Foundation has served more than 200 schools and more than 1,273,800 students in grades K-8 nationwide.

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