The National Math Foundation is actively looking to partner with university-affiliated teacher trainers, education professors, and higher education institutions to research the relationship between kinesthetic programming and students’ acquisition of math and reading skills, particularly multiplication and division.

Moving Math Research Forward: The Mighty Multiplication Project

The National Math Foundation, in partnership with Math & Movement and Bridgewater College, is currently leading the “Mighty Multiplication Project” in the state of Virginia. Through this collaboration, we have developed a detailed outline to help guide future researchers through the process of brainstorming, drafting, implementing, and analyzing movement-focused, educational research projects. 

The following steps detail the process you (as an education researcher) can take to partner with the National Math Foundation and kickstart your kinesthetic research project:

  1. Interested university-affiliated researchers and/or teacher trainers should first reach out to our Program Manager ([email protected]) to discuss your research goals.
  2. We can then assist in the outreach to local schools and K-5 educators who will be trained in the Math & Movement program so that they can effectively gather the data pertaining to your project. 
    1. These teachers can be alumni of the researcher’s affiliated university!
  3. We develop a timeline to meet your research goals.
  4. We help develop appropriate pre- and post-testing tools, permission forms, surveys, and official partnership documents (e.g. IRBs, Memoranda of Understanding, Letters of Support, etc.) to kickstart the program and gather student achievement data.
  5. We provide professional development for local teachers (and researchers) in how to use kinesthetic learning materials to teach particular math/reading skills.
  6. We help manage communications between the schools, teachers, and your research team in order to make sure your goals are met and all parties are informed of project changes and progress.
  7. We can assist in the analysis of the data collected from the pre- and post-tests.
  8. We can promote your research and its conclusions on our website and social media platforms.

If you are an education scholar who would like to partner with us to lead a research project at your institution or local, affiliated schools, please contact our Program Manager at [email protected]!

If you are a Teacher Trainer or Education Professor who would like your students to receive professional training in kinesthetic teaching strategies, please follow this link for more information!

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