About Us

Our Mission
The NMF' is dedicated to empowering communities to ensure that ALL America's youth are equipped with math abilities needed to live happy, healthy and productive lives.

Our Staff
Dedicated to helping children learn through movement and build confidence in their math skills.

Our Board
Our leaders are committed in the National Math Foundation's goal to increase math competency.

Why is NMF Needed?
Students are struggling with poor math performance, lack of engagement, and lack of physical exercise. Teachers need a new approach that easily integrates into an already very busy school day.

How is NMF Approach Different?
By adding playful fun to learning, the National Math Foundation’s approach breaks the mold of traditional teaching techniques.

Our Goal
Instilling a love of movement and math.

Looking to the Future
The NMF will provide awareness and support, facilitate training, and supplement costs associated with implementing new learning techniques to combat childhood obesity and                                           illiteracy.

Our History
The NMF was founded to promote a multi-sensory solution to America’s ever decreasing position in global math rankings.

Our Founders
Passionate leaders in fields of education, business, and healthcare.

Where Do We Operate?
Serving communities across the United States.