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The National Math Foundation was pleased to co-sponsor  the 2015 Summer Institute. Our Chattanooga, TN Summer Institute was held June 15-18, 2015 at Orchard Knob Elementary School 2000 East 3rd Street, Chattanooga, TN. Educators from throughout Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Washington, DC, and even as far as Phoenix, AZ attended. The series of workshops featured:
  • Kim McCullough, Marcia Wade, Suzy Koontz, and Ann Pangburn of Math & Movement
  • Sara McIntyre, Executive Director of Crabtree Farms, on school gardens
  • Dr. Deborah A. McAllister, UC Foundation Professor, UTC School of Education
  • Maggie Mason, Davidson Elementary School (located north of Charlotte, NC)  on Algebraic Problem Solving/Cross Curricular Applications
  • FAB Team, a weekly school-wide program that reinforces academics through movement
  • Darrell Knoch, Motivational Speaker and author
  • Dr. Jamie F. Harvey, EdD, Assistant Professor, Health and Human Performance, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
Teacher Presentations from the 2015 Chattanooga National MathStudent and teacher photo Foundation Summer Institute
Presentation 1 Presentation 2 Presentation 3 Presentation 4 Presentation 5 Presentation 6 Presentation 7 Presentation 8 Presentation 9 Presentation 10 Presentation 11 Presentation 12  
Pilot study program with University of Tennessee-Chattanooga and Syracuse University 

Learn About The American Rescue Plan

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