Data & Research

A Focus on Movement-Based Learning

Our projects support the complexity and imaginative nature that defines every student through the utilization of multiple teaching and learning modalities. Movement – consistent and structured – helps students realize the freedom inherent in learning. By providing students with additional opportunities for increased physical activity, they will begin to take the first step in becoming more engaged and passionate contributors to their classrooms!

Our Contributions to an Ongoing Discourse - Kinesthetic Effectiveness and Student Achievement

The National Math Foundation aims to situate itself as the go-to hub for movement-based research, resources, and multi-sensory teaching practices. To accomplish this goal, we actively ask program partners to collect student achievement data and participant feedback while maintaining a critical eye on the tools educators use to enrich student learning.

It is through collaboration that we can shift the fixed mindset towards mathematics to one of growth and enjoyment! It is through evidence-based practices that students – regardless of background – are able to benefit from innovative, educational programming

We are dedicated to developing and supporting such practices to the fullest extent possible.

All project outcomes are communicated to each partnering organization through accumulated data and communication reports. 

Individual Classroom Data

We believe that the best way to measure the academic success of classrooms is to identify changes in student achievement/confidence as a result of teachers implementing innovative kinesthetic practices.

To that end, we have provided data by grade level and location that shows the impact of the professional development activities and  tools designed to enrich student learning in mathematics.

NMF Program Data

Each of our programs and research partnerships are in themselves individual missions to contribute to the ongoing discoveries regarding the efficacy of movement-based instruction. It is crucial that we provide educators with validated, effective learning tools and strategies to support their classroom instruction.

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