Summer Institute

The National Math Foundation has a unique, creative solution to teaching children who have been entrenched in a sedentary lifestyle. We invite you to attend the Summer Institute to learn new ways to inspire your students and improve retention. We will focus on one of our approved programs, Math & Movement, and will also have speakers and sessions covering a wide variety of educational topics. 

You will learn new strategies to strengthen your students’ math and reading ability, improve classroom management, increase critical thinking, support students with special needs, improve the health and well-being of you and your students, increase parental involvement, decrease the cost of RTI, and boost students’ understanding of “hard to learn” concepts.

The Next NMF Summer Insitutue dates are TBD

The 2019 Summer Institute: Looking Back

The National Math Foundation has collaborated with numerous organizations locally, statewide, and nationally to make our Summer Institutes available to as many teachers as possible. Our 2019 Summer Institute in Long Island had thirty one teachers, one NMF board member, and multiple administrators and guest speakers in attendance. The guest speakers lectured on brain science, Social-Emotional Learning, games in mathematics, and supporting students with special needs. Parents attended the final session, during which students and teachers shared what they learned from the program, and we collected data on student growth every day. We partnered with Nassau BOCES, which increased teacher attendance by six. We were pleased that we were able to provide scholarships for all teachers that made requests for scholarships. 

Benefits of attending the Summer Institute

By attending the National Math Foundation Summer Institute, you will (1) be a part of an enjoyable, fast-paced week of engaging, fun, kinesthetic, math activities; (2) you will soar to higher levels in mathematical confidence, understanding and enjoyment; (3) you will learn kinesthetic teaching techniques, collaborate with NMF participants on developing activities, and actively engage in effective math learning!

After extensive training in the existing Math & Movement strategies, you will collaborate to identify existing best-practices for kinesthetic learning and to build a repertoire of movement-based learning activities applicable to individual students. Your contribution is crucial! During the institute, you will have opportunities to share best practices and creative ideas which will enrich and strengthen the movement-based learning programs for all the schools.

The NMF Summer Institute training will integrate professional development with opportunities to teach children, and we will work in conjunction with local day camps to provide young learners for our teachers to practice. Additional topics covered during the multi-day training include gratitude, positive thinking, integrity, creating a positive school culture, the benefits of exercise, and movement-based learning, health and overall wellness, increasing parental involvement and beginning a school garden.

You will also learn high-impact strategies for:

    • Strengthening your students’ math and reading ability.
    • Boosting your students’ understanding of “hard to learn” math concepts, including telling time, place value, money, Cartesian coordinates, multiplication, division, factoring, odd/even numbers, algebra and fractions.
    • Increasing math-confidence in students.
    • Supporting risk-taking in problem solving.
    • Helping your students achieve mastery learning in ALL math concepts.
    • Utilizing “energizers” to wake-up the sleepy brain before school, throughout the day, during transitions and after-school.
    • Increasing critical thinking and problem solving ability.
    • Meeting the State Standards.
    • Increasing the health and well-being of your students.
    • Improving classroom management and reducing/eliminating misbehavior.
    • Boosting math retention.
    • Increasing focus, concentration, and attention-span.
    • Reaching the kinesthetic learner.
    • Supporting students with special needs.
    • Decreasing the cost of RTI and auxiliary services.
    • Maximizing learning readiness in students.
    • Increasing parental involvement.
    • Teaching your students about gratitude, positive thinking, integrity, and community service.
    • Promoting a positive school culture.
    • Utilizing the support of NMF corps members as teaching assistants.
    • Maximizing the help of parent volunteers.

The 2025 Summer Institute: Looking Forward

The National Math Foundation’s 2019 Summer Institute was a success on all fronts and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the 30+ teachers and administrators who attended. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and the pressure to adapt from the ground up, we were unable to host a 2020 and 2021 Summer Institute. Additionally, our research interests and organizational partnerships have been our ongoing priority since the 2022 in an effort to reach our goals. As a result, we are in the process of connecting with institutions who can help us make the Summer Institute the best it can possibly be.

The Summer Institute, we believe, is crucial to student success in mathematics and literacy because of how the program offers teachers invaluable trauma-informed training in multiple teaching modalities; we plan on having a Summer Institute in 2025, and if COVID-19 continues to be a threat to our communities, we will move the seminar online and offer teachers virtual professional development, which we believe will be equally impactful. 


Please check back soon for more information!

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