Our Mission

Mission Statement

The National Math Foundation (NMF) is dedicated to empowering communities to work towards the goal of ensuring that ALL Americans, regardless of age, race, socio-economic class, and gender are competent and confident in their math ability and have sufficient skill to be able to use math effectively in their job. Our mission is to foster exercise, healthy eating, and learning through movement as a means to develop a community of math literate members. The two-fold mission of the National Math Foundation addresses obesity and illiteracy.

Goal Statement: Engage, Inspire, and Lead

The National Math Foundation’s goal is to physically, mentally, and emotionally engage students in math activities that teach students today’s core curriculum while inspiring them to become tomorrow’s U.S. mathematicians who will achieve great success in the global business world. The National Math Foundation will provide awareness, facilitate training, provide support, and supplement costs associated with implementing new learning techniques to combat childhood obesity and illiteracy with math and reading.