Mighty Multiplication Project

The ‘power’ of reaching students during COVID-19 is still untapped despite the months teachers have had to teach online or in hybrid classrooms. Movement-based learning can tap into this unsolved dilemma of students’ struggles with math (especially multiplication), in person or virtually. 

The goals of this project are:

(1) Enhance students’ learning of multiplication across the country.

(2) Enhance teacher understanding of virtual learning platforms and their enrichment through kinesthetic activities.

(3) Provide teachers and students COVID-safe educational and wellness tools to master multiplication skills. 

This movement-based learning program will increase student achievement and overall student success. It will improve assessment scores and increase students’ self-confidence. Students will also become physically active on a daily basis, which will, in turn, increase their mental and emotional health. The evaluation of student success on the kinesthetic learning tools will require little to no extra involvement on the part of the teachers. Teachers will be trained on how to properly use the materials and how to evaluate student success with the materials.

Why Multiplication?

Because math is cumulative, success in core math concepts like multiplication is extremely important. Students should have the opportunity to learn and feel accomplished in mathematics. Equally, teachers should be given the opportunity to provide their students with innovative educational tools to help them excel. These tools are practical, inclusive, and based on and backed by years of research. These trying times call for an innovative approach to learning math – an approach grounded in play and physical activity which unites every student regardless of skill level or background. 

Although multiplication is typically taught in 3rd grade, the “COVID slide” has set students behind in their mastery of this concept. Math teachers are currently witnessing a deep lack of fundamental knowledge regarding multiplication from their 4th and 5th-grade students.

Measuring Outcomes

All participating students will be evaluated on their understanding of multiplication at the beginning of the project before they begin using the new materials, at the end of each respective unit, and at the end of the school year. We will provide NMF project-specific assessments for teachers to use. 

Student success will be evaluated during the multiplication unit based on the standard protocol of their respective school districts. For the pre- and post-project assessments, students will answer 25 questions which consist of: 

  • 20 simple multiplication questions
  • 4 word problems
  • 1 self-efficacy question

These questions will gauge their ability to answer simple multiplication questions and multi-step questions. They will also allow them to self-identify their strengths, weaknesses, and confidence in learning multiplication. 

To measure teachers’ enrichment, they will provide evaluations before the project, after the virtual training, and after the project. These assessments will gauge each teacher’s comfortability in teaching students using these movement-based tools and strategies.

Student outcomes acquired from these evaluations will be communicated to all partnering foundations and organizations through accumulated data and communication reports. Teachers will see these outcomes quickly once the program is implemented. Administrators will learn of their students’ success through direct observation and through the collected data.

How you can get involved!

Our intent is for any donation or applied funding to be used as “teacher scholarships”. Through these scholarships, teachers will receive virtual professional development training and kinesthetic materials for their 4th-grade students.

If you or your teachers are interested in participating or partnering in this project, please contact info@nationalmathfoundation.org for more information!

If you are interested in supporting this project through a donation, please navigate to our “Donate” page! Thank you for your support!

Learn About The American Rescue Plan

The federal government is sending funds to schools to help students get back to grade-level due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more about how you can help to get those funds to the right places, click the link below.