Mighty Multiplication Project

The “Mighty Multiplication Project” is an intervention program focusing on enhancing 3rd and 4th grade students’ multiplication mastery to bridge the learning gap exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. By weaving physical activity (i.e., kinesthetic, movement-based learning strategies) into established multiplication units, we aim to enrich student learning and confidence in mathematics nationwide!

Mastering multiplication facts is a “desirable and commendable accomplishment for elementary school students” (Allen-Lyall, 2018, p. 391). Unfortunately, it is an accomplishment many students do not obtain due to the significant cognitive overload and memorization challenges (Allen-Lyall, 2018). Many researchers say fact acquisition serves as a gatekeeper to mathematical literacy, thus it is vital students master their multiplication facts to increase their options for college study, employment, and financial literacy (Atweh & Clarkson, 2001; Marsh & Hau 2004, Valero, 2004; Williams & Williams, 2010)

Project Goals

(1) Enhance students’ learning of multiplication across the country.

(2) Bolster teacher understanding of virtual learning platforms and their enrichment through kinesthetic activities.

(3) Provide teachers and students COVID-safe educational and wellness tools to master multiplication skills. 

This movement-based learning program will increase student achievement and overall academic success. It will improve assessment scores and increase students’ self-confidence. Students will also become physically active on a daily basis, which will, in turn, increase their mental and physical health. The evaluation of student success on the kinesthetic learning tools will require little to no extra involvement on the part of the teachers. Teachers will be trained on how to properly use the materials and how to evaluate student success with the materials.

Why Multiplication?

Students who do not have a solid understanding of multiplication often struggle later in their academic careers and with their financial responsibilities into adulthood (Geary, 2011). Students should have the opportunity to learn and feel accomplished in mathematics!

Teachers too are struggling to get students where they need to be in their math understanding, part of which is due to the pandemic (and the two-year transition to virtual learning), part of which is due to a large proportion of students and teachers having anxiety about learning math or finding it inaccessible in a traditional classroom setting. 

Math teachers are currently witnessing a deep lack of fundamental knowledge regarding multiplication from their 4th and 5th-grade students!

Provided Materials

Two online Training Sessions (Total 2-hours PD)

  • Session #1: Introduction to the Mighty Multiplication Research Project
  • Session #2: Kinesthetic Strategies for Mastering Multiplication

Project Resources

  • Project Information Guide and Checklist
  • Project Implementation Guide
  • Student Activity Log (for Data Collection)
  • Student Pre- and Post-Tests (for Data Collection)

Digital Resources

  • Multiplication & Division in the Real World (eBook)
  • Math & Movement Training Manual (eBook)
  • Oodles of Algebra (eBook set)
  • I Love to Cancel Workbook (eBook)
  • Multiplication Marathon Workbooks (eBook)
  • Multiply With Me Instructors Guide & Workbook (eBook set)
  • Digital Activity Guides & Lesson Plans

Ongoing Project Support and Informational Sessions!

Measuring Outcomes

Over the course of the program, students will complete 25 multiplication questions and 13 self-efficacy questions that cover math fact recall and conceptual understanding of multiplication.

Student success will be evaluated during the multiplication unit based on the standard protocol of their respective school districts. For the pre- and post-project assessments, students will answer: 

  • 20 simple multiplication questions
  • 5 word problems
  • 13 self-efficacy questions

These questions will gauge their ability to answer simple multiplication questions and multi-step word problems. They will also allow them to self-identify their strengths, weaknesses, and confidence in learning multiplication. 

Participation Requirements

1. Access to the following Math & Movement Skip Counting Floor Mats:

  • Skip Counting by 2’s Floor Mat
  • Skip Counting by 3’s Floor Mat
  • Skip Counting by 4’s Floor Mat
  • Skip Counting by 6’s Floor Mat

2. The ability to watch Training Sessions (either synchronously or session recordings) by the project start date

3. The capacity to collect student achievement data and record student participation over an 8-week period

4. The ability to submit all data by the project end date

Interested in Participating?

If you or your teachers are interested in participating or partnering in this project, please fill out our interest form below.