Partners & Sponsors

Grants & Funding Partnerships (2015-2021)

Our programs and services across the country are made possible by the support of local, regional, and national funding partners, including:

  • Math & Movement
  • The Central New York Community Foundation
  • The Jim & Juli Boeheim Foundation
  • The Grainger Foundation
  • The Howland Foundation
  • The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties, Inc.
  • The Community Foundation of Tompkins County, Inc.
  • The Legacy Foundation
  • The Lyndhurst Foundation
  • The Osborne Foundation
  • RGA – St. Louis
  • The City of Arlington (WA)
  • The Community Foundation of Snohomish County WA
  • The Children’s Guild Foundation

Research & Webinar Partnerships (2015-2021)

Our research pilots and free webinar programs are made possible through the support of:

  • University of Tennessee at Chattanooga – Health & Human Services 
  • Syracuse University
  • Bridgewater College – Elementary Education Program
  • BOKS Foundation
  • Peaceful Schools Syracuse
  • Learn Thru Movement, Inc.