The National Math Foundation works with educators to implement kinesthetic-based lesson plans for math and reading; we supplement the cost of new teaching materials, train educators how to create more inclusive classrooms, and also provide schools with research and grant writing support. In order to reach more classrooms, our foundation requires additional funding. 

Our goal is to be able to provide kinesthetic learning materials to every teacher interested in bringing these techniques into the classroom, a goal we are currently not able to fulfill. We would also like to provide educators with scholarships for in-depth professional development on a wide variety of topics such as developing trauma-informed classrooms, building children’s self-confidence, and strengthening student-teacher instructional relationships. Lastly, we strive to promote further research on the relationship between kinesthetic learning and student achievement in traditionally underserved populations. 

The NMF is not an endowed foundation, nor have we received any federal or state funding. From 2012-2014, 100% of our funds went directly to scholarships and programs. Currently, 100% of our grant funding and 97% of our overall funding goes directly to programs, services, and scholarships serving teachers and youth.

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