Let’s Move to the Numbers!

The Math & Movement™ program can be used successfully in the classroom, the homeschool or the family, with children of all ages who need help learning math fundamentals. Activities can be adapted for any age group — see suggestions at the end of the activity guide. Click the link to open the activity guide PDF file in a new window; you can print these out for easy reference.

Moving to the Numbers Activity Guide

Moving to the numbers helps beginning math learners develop concepts of one-to-one correspondence and basic counting literacy using a variety of activity types.

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Skip Counting Activity Guide

Skip counting, or “whisper loud” counting, uses a combination of voice level differences and cross-body movements to learn number grouping that forms the basis for multiplication.

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Sit Down Math Activity Guide

This guide includes ideas for adapting skip counting and moving to the numbers activities for desk or table-based movements. These activities focus on small motor movements using the same cross-body concepts and one-to-one correspondence.

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Take It Outside Activity Guide

Fun math activities for the playground and backyard, including hopscotch, rope jumping, and other classic outdoor fun!

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