Math & Movement Basics Teleconference Training

Teach Whisper/Loud Basics as the building blocks for successfully implementing Math & Movement in the classroom. Sign up at

Skip Counting Sequencing Teleconference Training

Emphasize the importance of skip counting fluency as the key component to mastering multiplication facts necessary for advanced mathematics. Discuss skip counting as repeated addition. Sign up at

Hopping into the Hundreds Chart Teleconference Training

Familiarize teachers with the numerous skills that can be taught across grade levels with this universal manipulative. Sign up at

Clock Hop Curiosity Teleconference Training

Showcase the numerous math skills that can be taught while using this giant clock manipulative.  Learn about ways this mat can be used to teach Skip Counting by 5’s, Telling Time, Elapsed Time, Fractions, Angles, Basic Geometry, and more. Sign … Continue reading

Perfecting Place Value Teleconference Training

Use place value as a tool to create confidence in multiple digit addition, subtraction, multiplication, decimals, and rounding. Sign up at

Fabulous Fractions Teleconference Training

Remove the stress that often arises while teaching this difficult skill set by learning different methods to master fraction instruction. Tricks for teaching adding and subtracting fractions, converting fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa, ordering fractions, and reducing fractions … Continue reading