Looking to the Future

As defined in its charter, the National Math Foundation “provides monetary support and serves as a centralized training hub to enable learning institutions to expand their teaching resources to include programming that promotes non-traditional learning.”

The initial phase of the National Math Foundation’s expansion will provide a weeklong summer training session for educators in kinesthetic learning and healthy living. Schools will attend with groups of five (the principal, three classroom teachers, and a physical education instructor), who will participate in training sessions to expand the reach of programs such as Math & Movement™ and attend seminars focused on reducing childhood obesity. Participants will act as ambassadors to their school, incorporating what they have learned into their curriculums. Syracuse, NY will function as administrative headquarters, supplying the training and material resources for the ambassadors located throughout the United States.

Modeled after Teach for America™, Phase II of the National Math Foundation will place recent college graduates in elementary classrooms as movement-based learning specialists. These Corps Members will serve as teaching assistants focusing on differentiated instruction, and improving student’s math ability, physical fitness and wellness in the elementary school and community.